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CryptoExpress New Gen
digital asset solution

A successful crypto company requires a specialized team of experts. CryptoExpress aims to become premier white label AI Machine Learning Trading Solution for Crypto Exchange, Crypto Broker, Crypto fund Management and OTC solution. CryptoExpress is a pioneer of using blockchain technology to create secure, stable institutional-grade software solutions for the issuance and exchange of digital assets and e-KYC Solution.

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Our Product

We specialize in offering white-label digital asset Exchange Software, Brokerage Software, Wallet Software to
grow your business with great new feature.

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White Label Crypto

  • Exchange Software.
  • Brokerage Software.
  • Liquidity Solutions.
  • Wallet Solutions.
  • Asset Digitization.
  • Yield Platform.
  • OTC Trading Platform.
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e-KYC Solution for online business

  • Proven and Compliant with e-KYC Regulations and AML Policy of Thailand.
  • Robust AI Customer’s Face Verification and Detection System.
  • NFC Passport Reader direct on mobile.
  • Dip-Chip card reader hardware and software.
  • Automated Sanction screening and Risk Grading.
  • Modern Dashboard & Admin panel.
  • 24/7 Support Team.
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Digital License Consultant

Adhere to evolving regulatory framework in the jurisdictions of operation.

You’ll need to consider licensing, laws, regulations, and guidance and enforcement actions specific to each jurisdiction in which you are operating. Our advisor will help for approval of all Cryptocurrency license from SEC (Thailand).

  • Crypto Exchange.
  • Crypto Broker.
  • OTC Dealer.
  • Crypto Advisory Service.
  • Crypto Fund Management.
  • ICO Portal.

Our Service

CryptoExpress offers a highly secure and reliable ICO Solutions.

ICO & IEO Listing

  • Purpose of your token.

  • ICO marketing.

  • ICO wallet development.

  • Coin and Smart Contract Development.

  • Exchange listing.

  • ICO community Support.

  • White paper and PR.

Blockchain Solution

  • Blockchain Consultancy.

  • Smart Contract Development.

  • App development.

  • Tokenomic Development.

  • Consulting to coin listing.

  • NFT/Metaverse Development.

  • Wallet Development.

NFT / Metaverse

  • Digital Payment Solutions.

  • Metaverse NFT Marketplace.

  • Digital Twins and Simulations.

  • Virtual Events.

  • Virtual Working Space.

  • Healthcare Metaverse.

Blockchain KYC Use-Cases

Businesses that can be used to verify their identity with our blockchain technology.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Lending Platforms

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Real Estate

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Travel and Transportation

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Blockchain Lottery

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